T7 authorized to perform consulting activity and holds a valid Certificate No. РК-0025/09.04.2013 by the National Construction Control Directorate for performing the activities under Art. 166, par.1, item 1 of the Spatial Planning Act /SPA/ and pursuant to the rules of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers /FIDIC/.

We perform activities related to the following:

  • Consulting services during designing and evaluation of the compliance of investment projects with essential requirements to construction works and sites;

  • Technical control of the Structural Part of investment projects;

  • Construction supervision during construction works in compliance with the approved investment designs and the Building Permit issued, the requirements of SPA and its accompanying regulations.

  • Performance of the functions of Engineer pursuant to contractual terms and conditions underFIDIC.

  • Preparation and compiling the construction documentation, acts and records during construction works.

  • Checking and approval of certificates for payments pursuant to contractual terms and conditions underFIDIC.


T7 Consult has a team of experts performing:


  • Inspection and measurement of the Construction and Installations Works /CIW/ carried out.

  • Control of the schedule and periods for CIW performance.

  • Inspection and certification of acts and certificates of the Builder for the CIW performed.


T7 Consultltd.draws up technical passports pursuant to Regulation No. 5 on the technical passports of construction sites, by carrying out the following:

  • Architectural sketching.

  • Structural investigation with a report of the survey.

  • Drawing up of technical passports of existing buildings and facilities.


T7 a company filed on record by virtue of Certificate No. 00274 in the public register of the Sustainable Energy Development Agency /SEDA/ of entities performing investigation of the energy efficiency and certification of buildings, pursuant to Art.44, par.1 of the Energy Efficiency Act /EEA/, by conducting:

  • Evaluation of compliance of investment projects in terms of energy efficiency.

  • Certificates for design-related energy characteristics.

  • Investigation of the energy efficiency of buildings and parts of buildings under operation.

  • Certificates of the energy characteristics of buildings and parts of buildings under operation.

  • Evaluation of the energy savings of buildings.


T7 Consultltd.has a team of expert designers specialized in the drawing up of:

  • Pre-investment research.

  • Design assignments.

  • Investment projects in various stages of designing.

  • Bills of quantities

  • Coordination and certification of investment projects with the institutions.


T7 experienced in:

  • Drawing up of detailed development plans (DDP), zoning and development plans (ZDP) for a single or for a group of land properties.

  • Drawing up of plot plans for elements of the technical infrastructure beyond the boundaries of urbanized territories;

  • Change of the purpose of use of sites with buildings with the status of condominium;

  • Change of the purpose of use of agricultural land in relation to specific investment projects;


T7 Consultltd.renders consulting services in the field of design, construction and commissioning of construction sites by a specialized team of company experts

We provide consultations in:

  • Evaluation of the designs in technical and financial terms;

  • Assistance and communications with the control authorities and institutions.

  • Drawing up of tender documents for the selection of a Designer, Builder and Consultant.

  • Consultations during design and construction and putting of construction sites into operation.